Saturday, August 18, 2012

Fabulously floral!

Hi guys!

It's been a little over a week since my last blogpost and somehow time just flew by! We've been spending some time at my parents place where we finally got a little taste of summer when the sun decided to shine down on us. It was heavenly! But it's only 3 days till we leave for a 18 day long vacation to Spain where I'm sure we will get enough sun to make up for the shitty summer we've had.

I mentioned in my last blogpost that I was wearing one of my 3 new hairflowers. I finally got around to taking pictures of them so you can have a closer look! They are all from a Etsy shop called Sophisticated Flowers and I am loving the quality of them. The flowers look so real! They came in a cute box too that I am now using for sewing accessories.

Inspired by these flowers I got in a bit of a flower power mood and decided to make some of my own. I stopped by Ikea and got some cheap fake flowers and attacked them with sciccors and a glue gun. The back of them look a bit butchered but no one can see that! :)

So with these 6 new flowers and a bunch of others I already have I should be set on the flowery side of things for a while.

A little too much? No? :P

I also sewed my first ever piece of clothing, a circle skirt! I've done simple adjustments in the past but never made something from scratch, and it was so much fun! Even though a circle skirt is easy to make I'm giving myself a tap on the shoulder for it. :) I made a lot of mistakes (like buying twice as much fabric as I needed) but I'll get it better the next time. I can't wait to make more!

And lastly and totally random; a new plastic ring and some funky looking nails.

This will probably be my last post before we go on vacation on Tuesday. I'll try to do some posts while I am there, depending on the internet connection. :)
G'bye, hope you are all doing well!

♥, S


  1. Hello!
    I'll check the Etsy shop. The flowers are lovely. The pic of the bunch, it reminded me of a spring an allegory of spring.

  2. You're just the cutest thing! Love the fun photo of you with your wreath of beautiful new hair flowers, as well as the summer outfit (awesome pattern on that skirt!) and darling manicure.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Looove the hair flowers! :D

    Oh my gosh you made such a cute skirt and the fabric is awesome! I've been wanting to make a circle skirt but have been so intimidated that I haven't tried to yet haha.

    xx Christina

  4. this skirt is so cool, great print ... actually i have seen so much bad made circle skirts (even from several cheaper rockabilly fashionlables) - so i think it's not too easy to make them.

  5. Such a lovely, colorful and plaful post! It brightened my day, dear!
    You've channeled some "Carmen Miranda glow" here, you know... :)