About me

So... Me! I present to you a list of random facts and useless info. Tada!

♥  My name is Solveig.
♥  I'm 27 years old, born in August 1984.
♥  I live in Trondheim, a city in the middle of Norway. 
♥  My boyfriend is Krish, and we live together in a teeny weeny apartment.

Me + Krish

♥  I've studied art, photography and floristry. 
♥  I have social anxiety disorder, but I am finally getting help with it. Baby steps. :)
♥  I like to watch a lot of TV series, some of my favorites are (in no particular order) Game of Thrones, Tudors, Mad Men, Walking Dead, Rome, Hell on Wheels, The Sopranos, House, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Dexter. The list goes on.
♥  My favorite movie is Amélie.


♥  I drink way too much Pepsi Max.

♥  I enjoy making cakes. And eating them! :D 

Om nom nom

♥  I love everything 50s, but I am in no way a vintage purist. I like to mix todays highstreet with vintage pieces. 
♥  I've had my septum and labret pierced for over 10 years. No other body mods. too much of a chicken. :)
♥  I have three older brothers.
♥  I love wearing my bunad, a national costume. 

In May 17th, Norways national day

♥  I'm a blonde, but I've been dyeing my hair black since my gothy/metal days in my late teens. So if you catch a picture of me with something that looks like balding spots, it's just those pesky roots!

Bringing the awesome since 1984! :P

♥  I love cats. Throughout my life I've had 6; Pusa, Rambo, Laban, Conan, Rambo 2 and Thekle. The boy however is not a big fan of them, and is very allergic. I'll have to get a imaginary one. And call her Wilma.

♥, S

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