Sunday, April 29, 2012

Come to me, my dearies.

Somewhere in the world, slowly making their way towards me.

I ordered two pairs of glasses the other day from a seller on Ebay. I saw the first pair in MsKittenVixens video on YouTube and she looked so adorable! I actually already have a version of these, the difference is that mine are all black and they're sunglasses, but I bought them from the same seller. After seeing MsKittenVixen I couldn't help but order these as well. I love the gradient effect! The other pair is a little more toned down. I figured that since both were dirt cheap (US $ 7.95) I might as well grab both while I was at it. :)
Since I already have a version of these I know that the quality isn't exactly top notch (just plastic) but what can you expect for that kind of price. I still plan on shelling out some more $ to have one (or both) fitted with prescription glasses.

A couple of years ago I bought a pair of vintage frames and while they do look great, I just felt that they were way too small for my face, so I have my fingers crossed my luck is better this time around.

^Insert glasses there.

♥, S

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  1. How cute are you! ;) I hope your glasses are as perfect as you wish! :) x