Wednesday, May 2, 2012

OOTD - May 1st

This was my outfit of the day yesterday, but a few moments after snapping this picture my friend asked me to come out and play. Even though the sun was shining it was chilly so I had to put my summer fantasies away and change into something a little bit warmer. So this was my outfit for yesterday morning. :)

Shirt - Gina Tricot
Skirt - Fretex (The Salvation Army store)
Brooch - Fretex (The Salvation Army store)
Hair flower - Pin Up Couture
Flats - I have no idea! :)

The skirt has no tags but I don't think it's very old. They also had a matching top that was veeery big. It looked like something women in Africa would wear, so who knows, perhaps this skirt traveled a long way to reach me. I left the top behind, but I absolutely loved the print so the skirt came home with me.

I usually roll my hair in foam rollers and sleep with them overnight. Yesterday I gave pincurls another try, but with the same result as I get every time - Frizz galore! I need more practice to get it right and I really would like to, because boy were they more comfertable to sleep in! Time for another YouTube session of tutorials before I call it a day. :)

♥, S 


  1. Super adorable outfit! I love your hair like this. Pin curls are hard to master, I've done them a lot and I still get a frizzy mess a lot of the time. But I think your hair looks lovely.


    1. Thank you!! I will give them another try soon. I'm happy with the result I get with foam rollers (the same really, but without the frizz!) but as I mentioned - They can be so uncomfertable to sleep in.
      I went to YouTube to watch some more tutorials but as usual I ended up watching clips from the Ellen show. Snap! :D And now it's time for bed! :D

      And thank you so much for commenting! :)

  2. Så gøy at du har fått deg egen blogg! :) Grattis ;)
    Har lagt deg i linkene mine. Og antrekket var superfint, likte skjørtet :)

    1. Jaaa, tenkte at nå ville jeg jaggu meg være med blandt de coole kidsa jeg også. :D Jeg har vel ikke så innmari mye vettugt å si, men jeg kan jo alltids poste bilder av noe fint med polkaprikker om jeg trøbler med å finne på noe annet. When in doubt, polkaprikk! :D