Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Welcome May!

The first day of May has been gorgeous here! My best friend Bente texted me asking me if I was intrested in meeting up for some icecream bonanza, and boy was I! :) So I walked into town and met up with her and her boyfriend Alex. Since it's the International Workers Day (which is a official holiday here) the streets were filled with lots of people enjoying the sun.

Me with my McFlurry, Bente with her homemade vegan icecream. 


We also stopped by Egon and had a little snack each. Me gusta! It's such a relief that the weather is slowly getting warmer and you can enjoy some time outside without freezing your behind off. :)

On my way home

♥, S


  1. Aww you look adorable darling! I wish we had more sunshine in Scotland! What a view too! :) Zoë x

    1. Thank you so much, Zoë! Today brought nothing but rain and acute need for blankets so it's safe to say that the weathergods are busy little bees.
      I hope the sunshine finds you in Scotland soon! :) You are lucky to live there, it seems like such a gorgeous place. My parents went there for their summer vacation last year and they had a wonderful time. :)