Sunday, July 1, 2012

Daisy dress

The year is 1970 and my parents are heading to my aunt and uncles wedding. A few quick pictures before they left for church results in the best picture in the history of time. I might be a little bit biased though. :)
This is my mum and my grandpa Birger. Gramps was obviously not attending the wedding (or so I assume, concindering his outfit) but gladly posed with his beautiful daughter in law, my mamma. I wont call it beauty and the beast, but there sure is a wee bit of a style difference going on. :)

And then a picture of the good looking couple.

Fast forward 42 years and here is the dress again. My mom mentioned it to me on Sunday and after a quick trip to the basement I found myself inside it. The daisies have faded but other than that the dress is still in great condition. And it fits like a glove! So it has changed it's address from my parents basement to my closet. As my dad told my mom: "Solveig will keep it safe untill you want to wear it again".
I'm attending a wedding in August and maybe it's time the dress gets a little outing again. :)

♥, S


  1. That is so, so awesomely neat! It's wonderful that your mom held onto this pretty red dress for so long and that you now get to model it, too. Lucky girl - and thoughtful mom! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. I think this is so sweet! You and your mom look so much a like and it's so great you got to wear one of her old dresses.


  3. oh, i love hand-me-downs... this dress is so darling! it looks perfectly on you.