Thursday, July 5, 2012

She looks familiar...

Krish and I headed into town today and he insisted on walking past the train station. I didn't really understand why but I didn't think much about it - He said it was nice to walk a different route. But it turned out he had seen a familiar face yesterday when he was out working. :P

^Too lazy to do her hair
Haha! It's a ad for a mall in town. They are doing this thing they call citytribes, where they've photographed different people with similarities. My "tribe" was the polkadots and bangs one. Fun!

Also got a pair of shoes at the Salvation Army store. Cowabunga!

♥, S


  1. That is too fantastically cool!!! Big congrats, hon!

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Oh wow, what a pretty sight! ;) And oh-my-stars! That bag is a pineapple! Yum! :) Enjoy your week ahead sweetpea! :) x

  3. how cool, congrats! you look great on this poster! and i love your red shoes...

  4. Very, very cute...your own billboard!