Friday, July 13, 2012

Recent randoms #3

I'm usually sporting red lipstick, but I wanted something a little less *KAPOW*! so I went on a hunt for a more coral coloured lipstick. I ended up with this one, Rimmels "Kiss Me" from the Colour Show Off collection. I'm not going to pretend to be a makeup blogger as I am forever a complete ditz with makeup no matter how many tutorial videos I might watch, but hey - Here are some pictures including me doing my best sexy face:

It was cheap and I like the colour. I can't vouch for the staying power of it as I haven't worn it for a longer period of time yet. The smell is pretty strong, a sort of sweet melony smell that was a little over the top but nothing I can't live with. And it matches my cardigan! :P

I got two pairs of sunglasses in the mail yesterday. The white pair is from Ebay and I already had them in black. Again, super cheap, $7. The pink and green pair is the Velma sunglasses from Bows and Crossbones and were around $12. On the picture on their website the pink looks almost like a dark dusty rose, so I was surprised to see it was actually a bright delcious pink. A pleasant surprise! :)

The Carmen necklace also arrived and I l-o-v-e it.

And I got some cards from the same company too. On sale, and cute!

A H&M hair flower/brooch.

And a funked up version of a french manicure! My nails have been in a sorry state the past few months so I've given them a much needed break from nailpolish. I don't know if it's because I cut them with a regular nail cutter (instead of filing, which I cannot stand) or maybe because of nail polish remover overdose? Anyway, after a long break they look nice and healthy again so I could finally put some polish on. :)

Have a super day!

♥, S


  1. Ohh so much to love in this post! I really like that lipstick shade it's great! And that necklace is just too fun. I really love your nails like that, I'll have to try it! I have horrid problems with my nails too (breaking and peeling), but I finally got it under control by using a sort of base coat called Bend Don't Break and it's helped so much now I can paint my nails all the time. Any who, you are looking super adorable, as always!


  2. Ahh, we are sunglasses twins: I recently ordered the same ones on eBay!!
    Oh, and you always look so adorable... I love your blog!

  3. What fantastic new (stylish!) treasures and shots. You're wayyyyyy to hard on yourself, dear gal, your make-up is always impeccably gorgeous and skillfully applied.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. love the fruity necklace and the lipstick... you look too cute on the last picture!

  5. Your nails look great! Cute idea, I might have to try it out!

    You are adorable :)

  6. Superfint smykke! Og for en trivsel blogg du har :)