Wednesday, July 25, 2012

OOTD - July 25th and 25th

Ok, I'll admit it. I'm a pants girl. I know it's not the vintage thing, but the climate here doesn't allow for bare legs except from in a few short summer months, which we have been robbed for this summer. I have a closet full of skirts and dresses that I would love to wear, but they rearly get an outing because I don't want to get cold. And I get cold easily.
So here are the outfits of the day yesterday and today. Not so summery, but at least I'll be warm and comfy. Skinny black jeans and Freddies!

Pants: Cubus
Top: From my bestie
Cardigan: Salvation Army store (H&M)
Shoes: Eurosko
Purse: That bagshop at the mall that I don't remember the name of

Note to self: Need more mustardy yellow clothing. I just love it with red lippies and black hair.

Pants: Freddies of Pinewood
Top: Lindex
Belt: Bruktbo
Shoes: Eurosko

I'll be going on another weekend trip either tomorrow or Friday so this will be my last post for a little while. Stay safe and be happy!

♥, S


  1. Aww how sad you've been cheated out of a proper summer. I think you look fantastic in your pants, I especially love your Freddies!


  2. I really like the second outfit.

    You could get nice thick tights/hosiery and continue to wear your dresses and skirts.

  3. I love your pants from Freddie's! I also wear pants a lot but I'm trying to slowly transition them out of my wardrobe a bit. I've been buying a lot more dresses lately! :)

    xx Christina

  4. You look so fantastic if those Freddies! If a gal wants/needs to wear vintage appropriate pants, you can't score more fashion points than opting for their jeans.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. Hey, your lovely blog got the "lovely blog award"!

  6. Hello!, Since I am living in Ireland , I am a pants girl as well!x)
    Anyway It's a handy and nice garment. I love capri&cardigan style. You look grand in your pics.

    Lorena Be-Bop

  7. cute casual looks. i really have to check out those freddy of pinewood pants ... they look amazing on you.

  8. Hello,
    Your blog is really good ! I have a question about the jeans "freddies of pinewood": What is the model ?

    Thank you,