Sunday, June 24, 2012

Another weekend passed!

It feels like last weekend just ended, yet here I find myself late Sunday evening and a whole week has passed. Where did those 168 hours go? Time, please stop flying.

This weekend was again spent in the name of family fun. Saturday we headed to Krish's mothers place and spendt the night there, and today we've been with my family, celebrating my oldest brothers birthday. The sunshine finally decided to spend a noticable amount of time with us, which makes me a happy camper. :) Also a whole lot of cake and icecream was consumed, which helps too. :)

What happens when you try to take OOTD pictures and the boyfriend wants in. :P

Hope your weekend was as nice as mine! :)

♥, S


  1. That top looks like a Deadly Dames top!

    Your OOTD photo with you bf makes me smile; too cute!

    1. It is! A Deadly Dames top, I mean. :) I totally forgot to type up where the outfit was from, but then again I wasn't quite feeling it so I changed into something else 2 minutes later so it didn't really count as a OOTD anyway. :P But the picture was too goofy not to include. :)
      Thank you!