Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Dress daydreaming

The boy and I are going to a wedding this summer, which has made me realise I don't have a whole lot of "dressy dresses" in my wardrobe. Nearly all of them are dresses I would wear whenever, and when you're going to attend a big occasion like that you want to dress up a little extra, right? So this led me to Pin Up Girl Clothing to have a little looksy at their evening dresses, and lo and behold, on the first page *IT* was.

Ava dress in burnt gold
Source + more pictures

I instantly fell in love with the cut of the dress, and most of all the colour. Hello mustardy yellow, how I love you! Customer reviews on this dress (and the other colours) seemed for the most part to be very positive, and as much as I was telling myself it was too expensive at $108 I knew it had to be mine.

But then I started looking at the numbers. Oh reality, what a horrible monster you can be.
The dress is $108.
Shipping to Norway is $43.
Customs duty is $16.
Value added tax is $43.
Which tallies up at $210.

Sigh. Bye dress, it was fun while the dream was alive! :D
And this has been todays episode of #firstworldproblems.

♥, S


  1. I am not sure this will help but sign up for their newsletters. Each month you will receive either a newsletter discount code OR a page that takes you to a secret sale. Also, follow them on facebook as they do facebook sale codes.

    1. Yesss, I'm already on their list so I'm having my fingers crossed they do a sale grand enough for me to justify falling into temptation.

      Thanks!! :D