Monday, June 25, 2012

Shiny family silver

When my paternal grandmother passed away I think 13 years ago, I was given a necklace that had belonged to her. At the time I must admit I didn't care too much for it. I was 14 and you know how that age can be. :) My grandparents were divorced so I didn't have a very close relationship with her, and I guess that lead me to not putting much emotional value in the necklace either. It was put away and I completely forgot about it untill yesterday, when my mom gave it to me. I am very glad to have it now as it is beautiful and a nice memory of grandma Emma that I am glad to now be able to treasure. I didn't think it was silver, but upon closer inspection (and some help of my macro lens) I spotted a little stamp saying S 835. I have no clue how old it is, where she got it, or the story behind it, but I'm so very glad my mom kept it safe for me.

Grandpa Birger and Grandma Emma in 1971

I have a few other pieces from my maternal grandmother and things that my mom has given me. They might not be the most extravagant pieces, they might not be expensive, but they mean something special to me.

Silver and enamel brooch from my Grandma Margot

Silver and enamel necklace that my mother was given for her confirmation.
The Lords Prayer is on the backside.

Filigran brooch that my mother bought in Madeira on a vacaion in the 70ies. It's my favorite!

And theeese were gifts to me on my baptism in 1984. :) 
I wear all of these frequently and I'm glad to add something from grandma Emma to my little collection. I'll wear them proudly and keep them safe, and maybe someday I will be able to hand them down to someone else and hopefully they will mean something special to them as well.

♥, S


  1. Hej på dig! Vilken söt blogg du har! :)

    // Ninah

    1. Takk det samme! La deg til på Bloglovin'. :)

  2. These are such beautiful little treasures. I especially like the two floral pieces from your baptism - very delicate and timelessly pretty. Thank you for the peak into your jewelry box and the stories behind these lovely items.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. Jeg virkelig elsker brosjer og er din herlig.

    1. Haha, tusen takk! Så flink du er i norsk! :)

  4. Så fine brosjer. Jeg har også en del ting etter bestemor, de betyr masse! :)
    Forresten, her er det nye domene mitt :)(

    1. Den nye siden ser kjempefin ut!! Og ingen rare advarsler fra virusbeskyttelsen min. :) Har allerede fulgt på Bloglovin, men hadde helt glemt å oppdatere linken på link-siden. Gjort det nuh! :)

  5. Ohh I love family heirlooms. These are wonderful, it's always nice to be able to wear a piece that other family members wore, it's like carrying their history around with you.