Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm back!

I'm back from our trip to my parents cabin. Hello internet, I missed you! But truth be told, I would have wanted to stay another 2 weeks if I could, but Krish starts in his new job tomorrow (yay!) so we had to come home.

I've been editing pictures now, we came home with over 500 and I've managed to narrow it down to "just" below 100. Naturally I wont share all of them here, but I do fear this will be a somewhat picture heavy post. Concider yourself warned! :)

Field of flowers to go with my floral print dress

The cabins. One belongs to my parents, the other two to two pairs of aunts and uncles. 

I wish I had taken a picture of the cabin the day we left. A week + of warm weather did wonders and the trees turned green in no time. But this is what it looked like on our second day there. It is high up in the mountains so springtime comes a little later. But when it did, it happened with a bang!

At Maihaugen in Lillehammer

At The Cadillac Diner in Tretten

Interior shot

Cruising around!

Me doing my best FREEDOOOOM pose

Another picture from Maihaugen. There's a "city" there with old shops and houses.
Everything was closed when we were there, but I imagine it's open to the public later in the season.

Last Saturday we went to see some of the cars participating in the Flåklypa Grand Prix, a yearly event taking place in Lom. Almost 400 cars and motorcycles were in the ride, so this is just a small handful.

Tap water? No sir'ee, not around here! :)

Our cozy bedroom at the cabin

Krish being not-so-successful at a game

Fresh out of the shower! 

Enjoying a braincooler in the warmth! :)


And there you have it, a little peek into our paradise in the mountains.

♥, S

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