Thursday, June 14, 2012

Searching for that perfect pair of glasses

Back in May, I wrote a post about two pairs of glasses I had ordered from Ebay. They arrived only a few days later, but hmmmf. I wasn't quite feeling them when I put them on. I mentioned having bought a vintage pair of specks that I felt were too small, well, these seemed too large! Never satisfied, am I? :D

The first two pictures are the new cheap ones, and the third picture is the vintage pair (already with someone elses prescription in them, they are a pain to wear) that I got several years ago.

These are my current pair that I use, mostly just for finding my way from the bathroom and to the bedroom and vice versa, after taking out my contacts. These were from Zenni Optical and cost next to nothing with glasses and all. But I want me some cateyes! :)

I guess the search continues... :) Where would you suggest looking for vintage/retro glasses, any websites to recommend?

♥, S 

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  1. the photo with your daily specs is so fun. love it. and i love these glasses on you.