Sunday, June 3, 2012

Prepping for sunsoaking

I've mentioned earlier, in my bathing suit post, that I'm spending my summer holiday in Spain. And I am in dire need of some clothing to wear! Not dresses and things like that, but more beachy type things as I don't have a huge array of items that show a lot of skin. I'm more of a knee-length type of girl, but I know it'll probably be scorching hot there for a girl used to Norwegian summers. I have yet to purchase a onepiece swimming suit (it is definately on my shopping list!) but I got a couple of other items that I think I'll be thrilled to have come August. Show and tell time!

I saw this playsuit in a Lindex store while we were on vacation last week. I didn't even try it on as I knew my budget was tight, but I made a mental note of it because I loved the vibrant print on it. When I got back home I stopped by another Lindex store nearby and declared "MINE!". It's comfortable and fun!

Another thing I've gotten is this two-piece suit from H&Ms For Water collection that hit stores last Thursday. I saw that Ulrika of The Freelancers Fashion mentioned it on her Facebook page and only a few hours later I found myself in a H&M dressingroom with 9 items from the collection, and then wandered home with these two. 25% of the sales price go to projects that support sustainable water resources. Doing good by shopping? Yes please! These were 200 NOK each, or 32 USD, but I noticed they are under 20 USD each on the US website. 

I've also gotten this bikini from Cubus. It was cheap, it has a leopard print and I need a couple of bikinis. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it, haha. Or more like not sure how I feel about *me* inside of it. But I'm sure I'll be glad to have it when I am sunbathing. :)

Also from Cubus I got this chunky straw bracelet for next to nothing, aaand a pair of red shorts. Oh! And a pair of highwaist black shorts. And suddenly my must-have list for summer doesn't look so long anymore! :)

♥, S

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