Thursday, June 14, 2012

Kvinner og klær - Magazines from the 50s

In May when we were staying at the cabin, my aunt asked me if I'd like to have a look at some old magazines she had after a relative who had passed away. She didn't know what to do with them, but didn't have the heart to throw them away and figured out they would be a fun read on lazy summerdays at their cabin. She was right!

Look, it's a treasure! They are all from 1954 apart from 2 that were from the year after. This magazine is called Kvinner og Klær (Women and clothing) and it's still very popular today under the name KK. I didn't have nearly enough time to read them all, so they are waiting for me till the next time I go there. But I did snap some pictures of the articles inside that I wanted to share.

Love the dress to the left, and check out the purse to the right!

"Summery coctail with 4 ingredients"

"Norwegian women and French clothing"

Advice on what to bring with you for summer vacation

"Summer in sight" - And is that Queen Elizabeth to the right?

Ideas on what to wear to the beach. That polkadot explosion is fantastic!

"Bring your vanity to the countryside"

Crownprincess Märtha of Norway died in April 1954

Each issue of KK had loads of patterns advertised inside of them that you could order through the magazine

"Wrap a shawl around your shoulders"

 Both of these cute American dresses are made out of cotton, and both have a daring cleavage. This is more common than ever this summer, but it is undeniable that it calls for nice collarbones. 

I look forward to give them a more thorough read when I get the chance! As much as I love looking at the pictures the very best part was reading the housewife advice column, where people could send in their tips and tricks. It really made it clear how they made a little last a long way. This one lady told the story of when she accidentially broke a candle in two, but with a bit of cleverness was able to mend it. And you almost couldn't tell!

♥, S

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  1. omg, those magazines are so inspiring. you could make a lot of money with selling them on ebay! i try to get my hands on some old magazines for years but i've never been lucky.