Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Recent randoms #1

Thought I'd share some purchases I've made recently! Nothing that'll make your jaws drop, but some nice basics for summer. :)

1: Top from Cubus. The front is in a eyelet fabric and very adorable! The back is plain white cotton with a row of 4 buttons from the top a little ways down.

2: Cropped top from Gina Tricot. I think this'll be great for summer! I bought it in a local store and saw only two versions (this tropical print with black or white background) but when stopping by their online site today I noticed they come in a plethora of different prints and colours. The minty green one calls for me!

3: Polkadot top from the Salvation Army store in Lillehammer. Got this while we were on vacation for just a couple of coins. I didn't even try it on first, me and polkadots go hand in hand.

4: Continuing on with the polkadots! Shorts from Cubus. They're highwaist and there are two rows of fabric covered buttons down the front.

5: Same shorts as the polkadots one, just black obviously. :) I bought this one first, but went back for the polkadot one later.

6: Cubus had shorts on sale, ok? ;) Yet another pair, but these are more modern and plain. I've gone from having not a single pair of shorts, to having more than any woman can wish for in a matter of weeks. Almost.

7: Got these vinyl flats from a second-hand store in Vågå. I'm not what you would call a graceful creature in high heels, so flats are my heroes!

8: Oh hey, more flats! H&M this time.

9: Another pair from the second-hand store in Vågå. How could I not buy these, they're so much fun! I've left them up at the cabin so they can keep my feet warm when I am there. They are made of a thick felt, and the top is sealskin. I know that's not everyones cup of tea, but they are warm, vintage and red.

10: A little Cathrineholm casserole. I have around 10 Cathrineholm casseroles, but only 4 of them with the lotus pattern and none of them red, so I deemed this one mine when I spotted it at Tante Isabel today, a vintage store downtown Trondheim. I'm not a big fan of these lids (there are others in metal only that are much prettier) but oh well. Maybe a lonely lid will find it's way to me someday.

11: Bought this little glass bowl at the Salvation Army yesterday. You can never have enough little bowls?

12: Aaand a new passport! Went to the policestation today and hopefully within 10 days I'll be good to go anywhere I please.

♥, S